Using the courier or mail to send your items to your loved ones, or to a business associate or for some other purpose has been around for centuries. The practice has gotten better with time, as now it takes less of it, with the process made more efficient as well. However, although the security aspects have gotten better, there are still some measures one needs to take, when transporting stuff that is valuable and expensive. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal:

  1. The Right Courier Service

 The Right Courier Service

The first and foremost step of sending a parcel with valuable items, is to ensure that the courier service you are using, allows the particular contents to be transported. If you are looking to transport gold or money, you should be aware that most of the courier services don’t allow these items. So, you will have to look for alternatives and do proper research, before heading to their office.

  1. Insuring your Parcel

As if the task of finding a suitable courier which will carry valuables, wasn’t difficult enough, you might have to confirm that they offer insurance in the case the parcel doesn’t reach its destination. Some of the services might agree to take a parcel carrying jewelry or money, but they won’t take responsibility or provide you with an insurance to get back the monetary value. So, you will also have to ensure that some sort of insurance is offered by the service you are opting for.

  1. Tracking Option

Tracking Option

Another box to check for sending your costly items is making sure you have the tracking option available to you. This shouldn’t be as much of a problem as the previous two, as most courier services offer the choice to follow the progress of your parcel. This will provide you with some peace, as you can keep checking the status of your package and contact the delivery company if something goes awry. It might cost you a bit extra, but if what you are transporting is something more valuable, it could be worth it.

  1. Solid Packaging of Parcel

Solid Packaging of Parcel

It goes without saying that the packaging of your parcel must be carefully carried out. You should be willing to give this more time, while also securing the contents with tape. Another thing of note is  thatyou have to try to be discreet with the information of what’s inside the box. Firstly, the inside contents should be tightly in place, with no rattling noise emanating if the parcel is shaken and no danger of them being lost. The courier service will implement their measures as well, but you should do your bit. Secondly, be sure to get rid of labels or information that can hint at what’s inside the parcel. Only mention the name and address of whom the parcel is intended for and nothing else.

The careful and thoughtful implementation of these few simple steps will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your valuable items you wish to transport.

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